|Ianto: arm in arm

[Locked to Ianto]

So, Ianto, love, I was wondering...

It just occurred to me that I wasn't sure if we were actually saying that you're the father. I don't mean to put you on the spot or anything, it's just, someone congratulated me today, and I didn't know if I really should mention it or not.

Seeing as how it looks like we'll be here for a while, and how I doubt Rhys is going to show up, given that he's really not suited for this sort of thing, I'm not opposed to it, but I didn't want to say anything without making sure you were all right with it first.
awkward turtle

[Locked to Upright]

Seeing as how Ms. Baldwin has seen fit to answer our questions tomorrow night, I think maybe this would be the best place to discuss what two of you should help me field the questions, and build a solid list of questions to work from when the time comes.

Ah, for those I haven't run into, which is most of you, my name is Gwen Cooper. I used to be a PC in the Cardiff police force, and have worked the past couple of years in special ops, dealing with... well, aliens. Since we're all here, I don't think that's much of a stretch, and since we're not home, I don't think that's much of a secret. I am also currently three and a half months pregnant, which means that I won't be able to do much "front line" work in... whatever efforts are taken to get us all home. I hope that we can all work together to try to find an end to this war, or a way to return home.


To all of you on the 'Upright' side:

My name is Naomi Baldwin. I'm the president of the Key Corporation, and I'd like to apologize to all of you for your unwilling participation in this war. The beings styling themselves the Powers do have a way of meddling, sometimes, and it wounds me more than I can say to see that more innocent people are being dragged into the middle of this conflict.

With that in mind, I'd like to meet with some of you, so we can discuss what can be done to bring this war to an end and see all of you safely home.

I've been informed you should have directions to the Jade Room. For all that the Powers are meddlesome at best, that, at least, is something I'll thank them for -- they've given us one truly neutral place in this city, where all of us can feel safe.

I'll be there at 8pm tomorrow evening to answer any questions you might have. Although I can't keep everyone on your side from coming (I know I'd want a look at the person running the side I'm supposed to be on, if I was in your shoes), I do have two requests: first, that you select no more than three people to field the bulk of your questions, just so things go a bit more smoothly; second, that Ms. Gwen Cooper be one of those three. I feel it's the least we can do, given that she was the first one to take initiative and try to get in touch with us, and the response she received was unhelpful, to say the least.

We're still trying to decide on the best way to work with all of you, over here, and that's led to some inappropriate delays while we worked things out. I am sorry for that, and I promise you that we'll do everything we can to make things go more smoothly for you in the future.


Naomi Baldwin
C.E.O., The Key Corporation
DID you train?


Hello, my name is Gwen Cooper, from the Upright Compound. I've only just arrived, but I thought it might be good to see if I could communicate and coordinate with the leaders of each faction, and figure out what's going on here. I have some special training that might be useful here, and I'm not interested in fighting if I don't have to. If we can end this war without continuing the death and destruction, I would be very relieved.

However, I know that it's not always possible to do that, so if we can at least have some sort of explanation for why this war is being fought, I'll settle for that.

So! Who's in charge around here?

[All -- locks are what, now?]

If I'm doing this correctly -- and I can only hope I am -- this should be viewable to other people, from what I can gather. If not, at any rate, I'll only look like an idiot to myself.

If this device is an example of the current level of technology in this world, then it appears I have a great deal to catch up on. Getting this far has been a process of trial and error frustrating enough to make me wonder why I was chosen for the side of technology at all. A strong background in the science of my own world doesn't quite seem sufficient here.

Though I will say that this is a lot more convenient than a typewriter.

At least this thing is mostly self-explanatory, now that I've worked out the basic controls. Still, I have the feeling that I've only scratched the surface of what this machine can do.

If anyone on the Reversed side would care to render assistance, please let me know.

Col. Roy Mustang
walk this lonely road

[Locked to Donna Noble]

((Yes, I know we don't have one, but he's... kind of hoping that since he's gotten a Rose and a Jack that he might get a Donna as well. Shhhh...))

I miss you.

Rose is here. It's good to have her here, it REALLY is. I missed her so much. It's... not the same, though. I'm not sure if it's because I'm different, or because she's different, or... I don't know. Maybe some mix of the two. It's good to have her, though.

I hold on to her, nights I wake up. Which is... pretty much every night. I have the worst dreams. Rassilon, I don't know why sleep is so purportedly wonderful. You lay about unconscious for hours on end while having vivid hallucinations! What's so wonderful about that? I don't see how it could POSSIBLY be anything restful.

Dreams are... not unheard of, for a Time Lord, but they're rare. And not quite as... traumatic as human dreams can be. I'm terrified of my dreams.

Jack came. I think he was glad to see me. I'm pretty sure he still thinks I'm... him.

I'm not. That's more clear to me than ever, now.

I'm trying not to let Rose know. It's hard. I think I'm managing so far. I'm not sure.

I wish you were here. So badly.